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For discovering himself my player of the year is Ravichandran Ashwin Harsha Bhogle

It is already a year since MS Dhoni made that surprising announcement that he was done with test cricket.

Sometimes the wind brings with it a message, sometimes the body decides for you and Dhoni, as perceptive a player as any, took the right decision.

2015 was therefore about coming to terms with not having him around in tests and while India produced good results, life without him is still a work in progress.

India’s new captain, Virat Kohli wants to play five bowlers and Dhoni at 6 would have been ideal. Saha’s keeping has grown very pleasantly but someone else needs to step up as batsman if five bowlers is the plan.

If 2015 was about Dhoni’s absence, 2016 will be about his presence given the amount of limited overs cricket India play in the first three months.

His replacement as test captain is as respectful towards the game but is a very different person who seeks to play the game with a different air. Dhoni’s calm, once such a feature of Indian cricket, will now stand out a bit. And more than ever before, Dhoni will need to produce results; for the team and for himself.

It is never easy when you are away from the intensity of international cricket, especially when you are fighting to retain your powers. Dhoni has been magnificent for Indian cricket, he has played it the right way, but he will be the player to keep your eyes on in the first part of the new year.

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Date : 30-12-2015 05:07:26